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We value the best methods of factory management and safe operation, and based on the passion of skilled creative employees and advanced technology, we will continuously develop products and services that are environmentally friendly and meet the requirements of quality standards to meet the satisfaction of our customers. 


By constantly improving our quality management system, we will introduce advanced techniques and technologies to manufacture and supply high-quality, energy-efficient, safe, and reliable products that meet the demands of consumers and meet international standards.

The “Baganuur Electromechanical Plant” LLC is one of the rapidly expanding and modern factories of Mongolia, which is specialized in power equipment design, manufacturing, equipment, and assembly services, equipped with the most advanced and modern machinery for metal billet processing, and complex mechanical fabrication, and produces a final product through its operational assembly line.  

During our 12 years of its establishment, we successfully operate in the market by cooperating with power, construction, mining, and other sector entities, clients, and customers, designing and manufacturing over 300 types of power equipment of 6 categories customized for demands and requirements of all our clients.

Specific features of our products are the innovative designs and solutions that satisfy the demands of our clients and customers and protect their valuable properties from risks with domestically produced import-substituting final products manufactured in compliance with international quality standards, power sector development, and world development trends.

In order to improve the performance of each stage of production and service, "BEMP" LLC is successfully implementing the Quality Management Standard ISO9001:2015 for the 4th year, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Management ISO45001:2018. working to introduce national standards.

We define our values and objectives in the following manner:

  • 100% customer satisfaction and warranty
  • “Valuable” and specialized human resources base, with knowledge, qualifications, stability, responsibility, and experience
  • “National wealth producer” or export-oriented, import-substituting, and competitive final product manufacturer
  • Enabler of the environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, reliable, and secure power source objective
  • The implementer of the energy-efficient, innovative, and cutting edge technological advancement policy of the energy and manufacturing sector
  • The establisher of the “Mongolian standard” in line with international quality and standard requirements in the domestic power equipment production sector, and Contributor to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country.
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