Indoors power supply

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Apartment building

ProCube model distribution units are the indoors power supply units suitable for apartment building applications manufactured in the highest quality and ensuring maximum safety that is fully compliant with IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 international standards and MNS 5643:2006 and MNS 5834:2008 standards of Mongolia.
We design and manufacture several models and colors for open and concealed installations depending on the interior design of the building and client requirements.
Specifically, we offer a complex solution comprised of primary input boards of the ProCube model, central distribution board, automatic breaker board, lighting board, floor shields, and single-unit boards.
The boards of ProCube models are equipped with Decraft brand automatic breakers and automatic switches, a CCA (Copper and Aluminum) bus, and A-grade cabling encased with boxes made of stainless metal sheet boxes, and we test each product module in a high-voltage experimental laboratory before being dispatched to the client site.

Manufacturing plant

ProCube.U model is a monitoring and control panel board for remote management of heater, air-conditioner, elevator, fence, door, and other electronic devices used in manufacturing, service, and agricultural production sites.
The external casing is made of stainless steel sheets with high-quality protective doors and panels to ensure IP-66 protection class.
Depending on the client's requirement, the motorized control panel can be equipped with a 1 or 2 sided power switch, automatic breaker for each motor, contactor, output terminals, heat relay, phase protection relays, and other Smart system accessories.
The panel or door side comes with 3 phases light indicators, an emergency button, and on/off switches.
We provide the market with custom manufactured motor control panel boards based on the Client provided scheme and requirements.

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