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CTS Complex transformer substation

The BEMP LLC invented ProEnergy.Z power substation based on its over a decade long productions and operations experience, and manufacture in high quality to ensure safe and risk-free operations of client's properties.
ProEnergy.Z substation has been tested and validated by practice and is the first-ever complex transformer substation manufactured in Mongolia. It can be connected to the grid by air or cabling as an end station or transmission station.
The Complex transformer substations are manufactured and assembled upon client request in accordance with Russian or European standard requirements and certified based on the high-voltage laboratory tests to ensure the utmost safety of the power source.

CPDU Closed Power distribution (transformer) unit

This conventional transformer substation is capable of feeding 2-4 objects. CPDUs are mostly installed at the dedicated physical facility. CPDUs are equipped with high voltage and low voltage transformers, and bus bridge and protected with breaker system.
The cell casings are made of corrosion-free and sturdy metal, coated with current isolating dry paint.

ATS 0.4 kV General distribution board of air substation

All equipment and accessories of the air transformer substation are installed in the open air at a certain height of the atmosphere, on a special platform or vertical slabs of the airline, without special brackets and fenders.
The product is equipped with РПС using general and output switches of the “Korenevskii” plant of the RF, connected with new CCA copper and aluminum bus and certified at the experimental laboratory. ATS input side comes with an additional section for sealing of metering and current transformer circuits. It is a high-quality product, fully compliant with БД43-101-03 norms, technical requirements of the UBEDN SOJSC, and IP-43 protection class.

0.4kV meter switchboard for outdoor seating

0.4kV meter switchboards are pole mounted and outdoor 380/220V panels.

ProEasy /Complex distribution unit/ high-voltage 10kV distribution unit.

ProEasy /CDU/ high-voltage distribution unit operates in 50(60)Gz frequency, capable of receiving and distributing 630-2000А current at 6kV and 10kV operating voltage in 3 phases alternating current, serviceable on two sides. This ProEasy model is relatively smaller than conventional CDU models, with a compact design and equipped with Schneider Electric spare parts.

ТМГ(Oil-immersed three-phase transformer- OTF) Power transformers

The "Minsk Electrotechnical Plant" first manufactured an oil-immersed three-phase transformer in 1986, with the license of French firm ”Alstom Atlantik." OTF transformers are resistant to extreme weather conditions of our country, which requires low maintenance and service and provides maximum safety and reliability of the power infrastructure.
The factory implemented technical solutions for reducing maintenance cost and reliability of operation at the same level as world-leading transformer manufacturers.
- The transformers are manufactured without expansion, hermetically sealed, and fully immersed with oil, free from air or gas bubbles.
- The oils filling is resistant to environmental changes, free from perspiration, oxidation, and oil slag formation.
- Before filling with oil, it is filtered from air and oxidizing agents in the specialized deep
sealed compartment, separated from air inlet insulation.
- The process is significant for gas filtering, deoxidization, and improving the power resistance property of the oil.
- In practice, the oil filling of the OTP substations produced by the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant, named after V.I.Kozlov, maintains its properties throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

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