ProEasy /CDU/

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ProEasy /CDU/ high-voltage distribution unit operates in 50(60)Gz frequency, capable of receiving and distributing 630-2000А current at 6kV and 10kV operating voltage in 3 phases alternating current, serviceable on two sides. 

This ProEasy model is relatively smaller than conventional CDU models, with a compact design and equipped with Schneider Electric spare parts.

Reliability: Fully assembled in the factory environment, all connections, breakers, current and voltage transformers, and isolators are protected by a microprocessor circuit.

Ease application: Furnished with Schneider Electric brand vacuum breaker, with a simple design and easy operation, and well-planned interior equipped with a current transformer, voltage limiter, zero sequence current transformers, and dry breaker.

Safety: Exterior of the facility is made of sturdy steel sheets with isolated compartments that entirely prevent risks caused by human misconduct.

Sectors of application

  • Oil extraction and processing
  • Power plants
  • Railway
  • Renewable energy
  • Manufacturing

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