Human resources

Vacancies and recruitment process

As an employer, we provide an equal opportunity to all applicants and conduct our recruitment process fairly, based on the position requirements, giving preference to diligent and aspiring applicants fully satisfying vacancy requirements. The recruitment process commences with the identification of position requirements. Every vacant position of our company requires an ability to convert into inter-related spots; we announce detailed requirements along with every vacancy notice.

Vacancy notices are announced at the OPEN VACANCY menu of the website and the recruitment process is held in the following stages:



Open vacancy

If you satisfy the requirements of the open position, fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION.



Open vacancy

General requirements of the vacancy

  • Educated in profession
  • With leadership skills, fair, and responsible
  • Highly communicable with Teamwork skills
  • Aspiring to for stable in the professional field and adaptable
  • Creative, innovative, and diligent, fast learner

Materials required


  1. Application / only in BEMP approved form /
  2. Copy of the diploma and certificate
  3. The photograph was taken within three months
  4. Copy of social insurance book 
  5. Copy of citizen’s ID and driver’s license 
  6. Reference letter from the previous employer

Human resources and career development policy

By successfully passing the recruitment process, you will be becoming a member of a creative, friendly, and responsible team of the  BEMP LLC, and your journey of becoming a “Valuable member” will then commence. 

We appreciate our employees as a “core value” of our company, for we believe that the foundation of the human resources policy is mutually satisfactory cooperation, continuous development of employees, and stable employment of skilled and professionals, which leads to successful long-term operation of the company. Therefore, we provide complex career development programs for our employees by enabling healthy and safe working conditions to develop professionally and specialize deeply in the field:

  • The company implements the following training and career development procedure
  • Enabling possibilities to adapt to the company culture and improving employee satisfaction
  • New employees also take part in a complex and phased program.


Development program






“New employee” adaptation program

The first week of employment:

40 working hours + 2 training hours

  • At workplace
  • Classroom
  • For easy adaptation to the team and company, you are hired.
  • Transfer necessary knowledge for the newly hired position.


“ Workplace and safety culture“ program

Second week:  

Classroom training 2 hours + practice hours /working hours /

  • At workplace
  • Classroom
  • Train working principles of the OHS management framework, MNS ISO 45001:2018 standard.
  • Train employees in habits and behavior to perform their duties safely and productively in a comfortable and orderly workplace.


“Creative worker” program

Second week:

Classroom training 2 hours + practice hours /working hours / 

  • At workplace
  • Classroom
  • Train working principles of the Quality management framework MNS ISO 9001:2016 standard.
  • Train employees in methodologies and responsibilities of adhering to the quality standards, increasing productivity at every production stage.


“Professional electrician” specialized training program

1-3 months: While employed and after hiring as part of the new employee training.

  • In the form of classroom training at the Vocational laboratory training center and on-job practice.
  • A complex training program to learn under the guidance of the professional trainer to study general knowledge of the electrician profession consolidate knowledge with laboratory practice, and solidify with the on-job training.
  • Guaranteed workplace

  • Become a specialized electrician and technician
  • Professional and technical advancement
  • Become a skilled professional
Laboratory training center

Laboratory training center

Significant time and effort are required for a new employee to adapt to a new position and gain work experience. In our case, we provide 1-3 months of vocational training at the company-operated “LABORATORY TRAINING CENTER,” enabling an opportunity to obtain a welder, electrician, technician, and operator professions, practice, improve qualifications, specialize, and be trained on the job.

Besides our employees, the LTC trains, retrains, provides practices and specialized training for workers of the other companies, businesses, plants, and eastern region power grid employees.

Features and advantages of the training center

  1. Training program: Approved by the MEdS, the VTC’s electrician program is enriched with on-job practices based on the company's productions and operations activities.
  2. Teaching personnel: Professional and highly competent trainers with extensive knowledge and work experience of working in the VTCs.
  3. Training environment: The training environment provides plenty of opportunities to strengthen theoretical knowledge gained through classroom training with the laboratory experiments  and the vocational training are held at the following practical laboratories:
  • Laboratory of electrical theory and practice
  • High voltage experimental laboratory
  • Mechanical laboratory
  • Paint technology laboratory
  • Welding Theory and practice laboratory

We united under the vision and mission of our company, “To manufacture World quality in Mongolia” respect our clients, value quality, standard, and safe operations and collective satisfaction, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish a skilled and creative collective with the right attitude.
  • Implement an efficient accurate, and fair performance assessment system.
  • Provide employees with systemized regular training for continuous professional and human developmen.,
  • Successfully implement policy to provide all types of emotional and financial support to our employees based on the work performance and results.

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