Power transformers

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The "Minsk Electrotechnical Plant" first manufactured an oil-immersed three-phase transformer in 1986, with the license of French firm ”Alstom Atlantik." OTF transformers are resistant to extreme weather conditions of our country, which requires low maintenance and service and provides maximum safety and reliability of the power infrastructure. 

The factory implemented technical solutions for reducing maintenance cost and reliability of operation at the same level as world-leading transformer manufacturers.

  • The transformers are manufactured without expansion, hermetically sealed, and fully immersed with oil, free from air or gas bubbles.
  • The oils filling is resistant to environmental changes, free from perspiration, oxidation, and oil slag formation.
  • Before filling with oil, it is filtered from air and oxidizing agents in the specialized deep sealed compartment, separated from air inlet insulation.
  • The process is significant for gas filtering, deoxidization, and improving the power resistance property of the oil. In practice, the oil filling of the OTP substations produced by the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant, named after V.I.Kozlov, maintains its properties throughout the lifetime of the equipment. 

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