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ИУХ1-ЯКНО stand-alone unit is a product dedicated to connecting mining equipment, such as high-voltage mining excavator, high-voltage engine, power transformer, drilling equipment, earth digger, capacitor, and compression equipment to the power transmission circuit.


  1. Dry breaker section: For receiving incoming voltage to transfer to the equipment.
  2. Control panel: For protecting all devices of the product.
  3. Power transformer: for conversion and transmission of high-voltage.
  4. Cabling and earthing section: for general earthing of the product.


The product is dustproof, waterproof, and moistureproof, with IP-54 Class protection.

The Control panel has a vacuum breaker that offers the highest class protection, each guarded with all 9 restrictions.

Besides being designed to withstand the extreme atmosphere and the conditions, the product increases the responsible mining prospect

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