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КСО (Prefabricated One Way Service Chambers)- POWC model distribution chambers of 10/(6)kV voltage are produced in compliance with the GOST standards of the RF, using officially licensed factory accessories.

POWC comes with mechanical restrictions that fully protect from surge voltage caused by the disconnection of earthing blade and connection breaker while the breaker blade is connected and connection of breaker while the earthing blades are connected.

  • It is possible to connect and disconnect while on load.
  • The upper side of the POWCcomes with a bus terminal for connecting input voltage cable without bending the high voltage cable, which ensures connection safety and cable reliability Primary side cables connect to the perpendicular bus, preventing the risk of touching the cable core or bus with hands when tightening or loosening the screws.
  • It is equipped with a non-linear surge arrester that protects the transformer and connection parts by directly grounding the internal overvoltage and lighting.
  • Each cable hole is covered with an appropriate rubber coat to protect each cable.
  • The primary side double doors come with a box compartment for storing spare fuses.
  • The box can be fixed without obstructing maintenance personnel, and the fuses are easily extractable when required.
  • The connections are made of a highly conductive, lightweight, and flexible bus.  

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