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ШО- 0.4kV - bus-supported power distribution box comes with a switch, fuse, and automatic breaker, and it is a product in compliance with the GOST standards of the RF, which receives general voltage from the closed transformer substation and feeds end-users with power.

  • The input cell of the bus-supported model receives an input voltage and is designed to distribute power to distribution cells. It comes in two configurations: switch+ fuse or switch+ automatic breaker combinations designed to protect distribution cells. In case of a line failure or maintenance break, the distribution facility can be fully disconnected from the power supply by disconnecting the general inlet board.
  • Cells of the bus support model PDUs are equipped with side handle power switches designed to receive input voltage to distribute power to end-users.
  • The bus support cells are designed to switch over the closed distribution unit in case of failure on one transformer to shift power to the other transformer. T
  • he bus bridge of the closed-power distribution unit functions as a switch. Bus bridges are used for power transmission to the general cell when shifting the power to other transformers through the section connector when there is a line failure that shuts the power of the first transformer.
  • Bus support side panels are designed to cover the secondary side (0.4kV) of the conventional closed transformer substation.

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