Complex substation model Primary side 6/10kV

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This conventional transformer substation is capable of feeding 2-4 objects. CPDUs are mostly installed at the dedicated physical facility.

CPDUs are equipped with high voltage and low voltage transformers, and bus bridge and protected with breaker system. The cell casings are made of corrosion-free and sturdy metal, coated with current isolating dry paint.

Special features:

  • Highly conductive copper plated bus-bridge.
  • The primary side has sheathed sub-bus,
  • The section comes with an earthing blade
  • Two-sided sockets, and secure section connections.
  • The device has special mechanical constraints to ensure safe maintenance and control operations.

The primary side has several mechanical restrictions, in accordance with safety requirements:

  • A restriction to prevent earthing blade connection of the load breaker while load break switchblade is connected
  • A restriction to prevent dry breaker earthing blade connection while the primary blade is connected
  • A restriction to prevent doors of the Prefabricated One Way Service Chambers (POWSC) 
  • A restriction to prevent primary blade connection while earthing blade is connected,
  • And a restriction to prevent dry breaker main blade while earthing blade is connected


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