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Prefabricated closed transformer substations of 630kVA capacity: dedicated for conversion of three phases, 10(6)kV high voltage of 50Ghz frequency on the primary side to 0.4kV voltage on the secondary side and distribution of power energy.

ProEnergy.E model power transformers are the protected equipment, equipped with high and low voltage distribution units, control equipment, accompanying accessories, and connection circuits, manufactured and assembled in Mongolia.

BEMP LLC manufactures prefabricated closed transformer substation in compliance with IEC 62271-202 international standard and issued with a certificate of conformity of   MNS IEC 62271:202 in 2018 for ensuring a high level of safety and reliability of operation.

For its compact and neat look suitable for exterior landscaping that offers efficient use of project space, the external facilities are in high demand, fully satisfying the client's requirements.

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