РroEnergy.Z-630D RM6

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The rated power of the ProEnergy.Z-630D RM6 Complex transformer substation is 630kWh, rated primary voltage is 10(6)kV, three-phase, 50Hz AC, and rated secondary voltage is 0.4kV and used for power energy distribution. Since every complex transformer substation is manufactured based on the client's need, fully assembled at the factory, and certified by the high-voltage laboratory tests, energy safety is ensured at the highest level.

Product advantages: 

The transformer and cables are protected with direct grounding to protect from lightning

Internal overvoltage and enable direct circuit switching in case of overload

It protects its own and user devices in case of short circuits

The removable casing of the cell lets easy access for cable connection

The product is fully compliant with MNS 5643:2006 and MNS 5644:2006 standards and awarded with a certificate of conformity.

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