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ProCube.D-G180 model is fully compliant with IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 international standards and Mongolian standards MNS 5643:2006 and MNS 5834:2008, manufactured in the highest quality, ensuring premium safety. The 0.4kV board of the ProCube.D-G180 model is assembled as part of the module system, functions as a primary input board or central distribution board.

The line connection types are connected to the grid in either vertical and horizontal forms. For improved overall application and design, the equipment is designed to use electronic gauges. The cabinet can be equipped with additional gauges, and the current transformer of the metering circuit is connected separately for a complex solution. Moreover, the output channel is isolated in a separate compartment with output terminals, which simplifies and ensures the safety of the connection procedure. The body and the front panel are made of 1.5-2mm thick galvanized stainless steel sheets and coated with current isolating dry paint.

The cabinet has a 1 to 3 point locker system, and 180-degree door hinges enable maintenance safety without blocking human access. The model offers an IP-43 protection class, and its color and designs are fully customizable depending on construction interior design.

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