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General board ProCube.DI-250 model with 0.4kV capacity is equipped with dry breaker, fuse and manufactured in the highest quality and ensuring superior safety and in two configurations either with dry breaker or automatic breaker in compliance with IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 international standards and Mongolian standards MNS 5643:2006 and MNS 5834:2008..                                            

The model offers an IP-43 protection class, and its color and designs are fully customizable depending on construction interior design. The front panel and body are made with 1.5-2mm thick galvanized steel and coated with current isolating dry paint.  The cabinet has a 1 to 3 point locker system, and 180-degree door hinges enable maintenance safety without blocking human access.

The cabinets can be equipped with additional gauges and an energy drainer and come with complex cabling connected to current circuit transformers of external meters. The copper aluminum or copper pleated bus and fire-resistant cable connections ensure product quality and operational security. The cabinet comes with specially designed sealed doors to protect the current transformer section from external impacts

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