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Portable mining substations are manufactured in 250kVA capacity, with 10(6)kV voltage on the primary side; It converts 3 phases 50Hz alternating current to 0.4kV voltage on the secondary side and distributes power energy for the use of open-pit mining.

It is a product with IP-54 Class protection that offers a superior level of safety. The primary side of the portable substation is equipped with the IDI function of the RM6 distribution board of the Schneider Electric company, and the secondary side is furnished with the Easypact automatic breaker, with selective options of outdoor transformers at the transformer compartment.

Portable substations are free from external facilities, installed on a single frame. The primary and secondary sides are separated by compartments, with transformers and connection sections are protected by tube-shaped boxes to enable compact dimension and easy transportability. External frame, case, and carriage baskets are made of galvanized steel sheets coated with high-technology isolating dry paint to prevent corrosion and weathering during the operation.

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