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ProCube.W-AT250 model is a standby board dedicated to feeding the essential elements of the building, equipped with the 250A automatic switch. The board comes with Dekraft brand automatic breaker from Schneider Electric company, CCA or copper pleated bus, Grade-A fire resistant cables to ensure operational safety. Moreover, the model is encased with a stainless steel sheet box and tested at the high-voltage experimental laboratory. ProCube.W-AT250 Automatic switchboard open wall-mountable and offers an IP-43 protection class. The doors are made of 1.5-2mm thick galvanized steel sheets. The cabinet is locked with a 1 to 3 point locker system, and 180-degree door hinges enable maintenance safety without hindering human access. This is a compact and well-designed piece of a facility, manufactured in various colors depending on client requirements.

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