ProEnergy.ZR Small-scale mobile complex transformer substation

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This Complex transformer substation is a product that has been invented to provide 380V demand at remote locations as rail stations, crossroads, and agricultural sites.  


  • Primary side
  • transformer unit
  • Secondary side

It is equipped with a 25-40kVA power transformer, high-voltage fuse at the 10/(6) primary side, and circuit breaker, and automatic breaker at the output of 0.4kW to ensure absolute safety.

Product advantages: 

  • It protects its own and user devices in case of short circuits.
  • The product is fully compliant with MNS 5643:2006 and MNS 5644:2006 standards and awarded with a certificate of conformity.
  • IP43 protection rating
  • Fully assembled in the factory and tested in the certification laboratory
  • Fully compliant with the power facility regulations, BD 43-101-03, and technical requirements of the “Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network” SOJSC. Compliant with international standards such as IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2.

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Sample circuits

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Technical specifications:

Technical specifications

Sample circuits:

Sample circuits




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